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Few Mentality You Need To Change If You Want To Be Financially Stable (Rich).

Published by on August 17th, 2020.

5 Mentality You Need To Change If You Want To Be Rich.

Nobody wants to die poor. Certainly, everyone wants to be rich and acquire wealth in life. Since most Nigerians weren’t born with a silver spoon, the struggle to make wealth thrives.

Every one wants luxury certainly

It suprises me to know that some people don’t want to get rich. They just feel comfortable feeding from hand to mouth. They feel comfortable living in a rented apartment and struggling to pay rents. Such people don’t even have any sort of savings. This is really bad. We all should aspire to be rich. Besides, it’s not a sin to be rich.

Being wealthy means living in abudance. It means having more than enough to meet your needs. If nobody desires to be rich, I desire to be rich. However, you just don’t desire to be rich and wait for manna from heaven to fall. You have a lot of work to do.

However, a person’s upbringing can affect the way a person thinks and reason. Usually, we can say that a person’s upbringing is responsible for how he or she behaves in the society. There are some sort of negative mentality that had been instilled in us while growing up which prevents us from getting rich. Mentality simply means one’s mindset or way of thinking. If you have this negative mentality, you may die a poor man.

Unfortunately, almost all Nigerians have this negative mentality/mindset. It saddens my heart that this negative mentality is being passed on to our future generations. No wonder we have a lot poor people in our society than the rich ones.

While reading this article, check yourself to see you don’t have any of these mindsets I would be discussing. If you do, simply resort to make amends now.

I would tag these negative mentality or mindset as ‘poverty mentality’ because it is associated with the poor. You may think that you are not poor because you are comfortable. Being comfortable isn’t rich. It’s just in the middle though.

Below are 5 Mentality you need to change if you really want to be rich:

1. Getting A Good Job Can Make Me Rich: (You can only be comfortable until your Boss Says your services are no longer needed)

This is one negative mindset most Nigerians have. They believe that they just have to go to school, study a professional course, get a good degree, get a good job and start earning money. This is why most Nigerian parents persuade their children to study courses like medicine and surgery, engineering, pharmacy, law and many other prestigious courses. This negative mindset is being transferred to future generations that’s why we end up with just average (neither poor nor rich) Nigerians.

Getting a good job cannot make you rich. It may only make you comfortable. Being a salary earner can’t make you rich. It’s better you flush out that mentality now. There is no amount of salary you will earn that would be able to meet 100% of your needs. You would still be looking for more. When you are a salary earner, it means you are working for money. But, rich men don’t work for money. Money work for rich men. When you are a salary earner, you become a servant to money. But, money is a servant to rich men.

If you depend solely on salary, you can’t be rich. This Covid-19 has taught most of us that our jobs could be taken at any point in time. So, what if you lose your job? How would you survive if that was your only source of income? Rich men don’t depend on one source of income.

2. Using Expensive Things Make Me Rich:

This is one of the most common mindset poor people have. They believe they are rich because they use expensive things. The fact you drive a Jeep doesn’t makes you are rich. Because you live in a rented house in Lekki doesn’t makes you rich. Because you use an iphone doesn’t makes you rich.

Some people strive to be called ‘rich’ by living above their means. Most people buy these expensive things on loans just to show off. Rich men don’t live above their means. They don’t buy cars or houses from loans or even from their savings. They buy these things from the profit they make from their business. Rich men don’t spend their money on luxurious things. They use their money to invest in profitable business rather than buying expensive things such as cars, houses, e.t.c which will not yied anything in return. Poor people spend money to look rich.

Rich men spend their money on assets not on liabilities. Assets are things you possess that brings in more money. Liabilities are things you possess that doesn’t bring you more money but rather takes money away from you.

For instance, If I buy a car, it’s a liability in the sense that it takes more money from me and it doesn’t brings any money back to me. Servicing, fueling and repairing the car takes money from me.

But, if I use the money to buy two lands, it’s an asset. I can decide to keep the land for two years and resell them when the price of the land has appreciated. Of course, I would make a lot of profit from it and then, I could buy the car from the profit I made and use the main money to invest.

A rich man’s asset is greater than his liability. The earlier you realise this, the better for you.

3. You Can’t Be Rich By Being Clean: (is not a You Must Involve in Shady Businesses)

This is one of the negative mindset that annoys me. This is very common among Nigerians. Whenever we see a rich person, we just conclude that such person is either a ritualist or a fraudulent person. If you have this mindset, I’m afraid you may not be rich. You have to get rid of such thoughts. Not everyone gets their money illegetimately. Some people make their money in a legit and clean way. Don’t assume you can’t get rich unless you are into something fraudulent or diabolical.

When you see a mighty mansion, you just hiss and say such person has stolen from his/her workplace or has done money rituals.

No, you are getting it wrong. You should change that mentality now. Some get their money legitimately.

Having this mentality shows that you don’t believe in yourself. You don’t believe it is possible to make such kind of money. You have to believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible with God, hard work and determination.

4. Rich Men Don’t Go To Heaven: (Big lie)

This is another terrible mentality associated mostly with the religious folks. They believe that rich men are sinners and so, they won’t make heaven. They believe that it is a sin to be rich. They believe that it is better to be comfortable or to be poor than to be rich. This is a very bad way of thinking.

To the Christians, even the Bible said that Jesus Christ came to this world poor so that we may be rich. He didn’t say ‘comfortable’ but he said rich.

To the Muslims, Allah won’t want us to die in poverty. So, it is not a sin to be rich. We all should get rid of this negative mindset.

5. You Can Never Be Rich If Your Parents Were Not Rich: (Change that)

There is something important I need to say. If you are born into a poor family, it is not your fault. But, if you die as a poor person, it is your fault. You can become rich legitimately even if your father is very poor. All you have to do is to be determined. I remember when growing up, my father would say that his father never trained him in school. He was independent.

Some of these rich men of today made their own money and didn’t depend on any father’s money. Don’t give excuses for your poverty. Don’t say it is because your parents were poor that’s why you are poor. You can be rich.

In essence, it’s a good thing to be rich. It’s a good thing to live in abudance. It’s sweet when you don’t work for money but you have money working for you. However, in other to get rich, you must get rid of every mindset that prevents you from getting rich. Examine yourself to see if you are guilty of any of these and make amends now.

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